Eye in the Sky : Monitoring Biodiversity Loss | FAScinate™

Professor Ts Dr Kasturi Devi Kanniah FASc from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia is an ASM Fellow and senior member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE). Her expertise lies in remote sensing technology, specifically in linking field data with remote sensing to study vegetation processes, land management, and urban low carbon initiatives, including addressing atmospheric pollution. Professor Kasturi is here today to present her lecture titled Eyes in the Sky: Monitoring Biodiversity Loss. Biological diversity is essential for ecosystems to function and adapt, but it is declining rapidly, jeopardising global food security, public health, and overall well-being. Remote sensing technology, through the use of satellite imagery and data analysis, helps monitor and understand biodiversity changes. Case studies in Malaysia show how remote sensing detects mangrove and forest cover loss, aiding conservation and sustainable land management.