Who We Are

e-estidotmy is an initiative to bring science and maths closer to society. It is a portal to create innovative and curious minds among students by learning and appreciating science, technology, engineering, and mathematics topics (STEM). We hope to democratise science and make it part of everyone’s lifestyle and culture.

The portal is home to the latest STEM information and breakthroughs for students, teachers and the general public in an engaging and fun manner that will spark interest in fields that are thought to be complicated and boring.

Educators will find ideas for lesson plans, classroom activities and educational resources. Parents will feel empowered to have scientific discussions at home.

History of e-estidotmy

estidotmy was published as an insert in Utusan Malaysia on the last Wednesday of every  month from 2002 to 2012. It was a successful venture between the Ministry, Government Agency and Media.

Funded by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MOSTI) under the 8th and 9th Malaysia Plan, the Academy of Sciences Malaysia provided contents to a total of 114 thematic issues.


Propelling Malaysia to the forefront of an innovation-based nation through STEM fields.


  • To inspire the younger generation to pursue STEM education and careers.
  • To create science literacy among the general public.
  • To showcase the importance of science, technology, and innovation for nation-building.
  • To provide credible and updated STEM resources for teachers.