Diving Deep into Uncovering Malaysia’s Marine Biodiversity | FAScinate™

Malaysia is situated at the centre for maximum marine biodiversity in the world with abundance of marine resources. This unique area contains the highest number of species biodiversity of corals, fishes, and many other marine invertebrates due to several factors. One of the most important contributing factors is the North Equatorial Current that brings myriad species of planktonic larvaes and deposit them in the area of Coral Triangle through the Indonesia Through Flow enabling high biodiversity in the area. Malaysia therefore are able to utilize this high biodiversity of marine resources as cheap source of protein for food security for the nation. Apart from marine animals, the high biodiversity in the marine environment also encompasses the hydrophytes like seagrasses which forms important areas for nursery and act as effective carbon sequester to combat climate change. Malaysia’s indigenous and local cultural heritage is also very connected to the vast marine biodiversity. A lost of this biodiversity can be translated to last of cultural heritage. However, the marine ecosystem is threaten by ocean warming, acidification, and also anoxic condition that might. Steps must be taken to ensure our rich biodiversity is protected and utilize carefully for sustainability of these resource.