Academy of Science Malaysia

ASM strives to be the nation’s Thought Leader for matters related to science, engineering, technology, and innovation. ASM provides advice to the Government on matters related to STI of national and international importance, fostering a culture of excellence in SET in Malaysia, assisting in upgrading technological capabilities of Malaysian industrial sectors, promoting public awareness in understanding of science, enhance international networking and collaborations, and produce scientific publication.

Science Media Centre Malaysia

Science Media Centre (SMC) Malaysia is an independent information resource centre aimed at promoting accurate and evidence-based reporting especially on complex or controversial science issues in the media.

Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre

The Malaysian Biotechnology Information Centre (MABIC) is a not-for-profit organisation in Malaysia and the first and only NGO that promotes stakeholder engagement in all areas of biotechnology with an aim to create a conducive and an enabling environment for R&D, commercialisation, and industry development.

YSN-ASM (Young Scientist Network)

Young Scientists Network-ASM (YSN-ASM) is a platform under ASM for the young scientific community to advance science in Malaysia and become a significant contributor to global Science, Engineering, Technology and Innovation. At the core, YSN-ASM is the binding force that provides the gravitational pull, unifying everything and everyone under the ASM umbrella in addressing the national agenda.

National STEM Association

National STEM Association (NSA), is an organisation that drives STEM which carries the slogan “From Cradle to Career”. NSA empower and equip our children, youth and adult life quality with STEM education in-line with the national agenda.